Getting ready for You Know What…

The countdown has begun… Field Day is coming! Our next meeting will be held at the SLQS Field Day site for this year. Once again we’ll be at O’Connor Park in Bridgeton MO. Everyone’s welcome to drop in.

We’ll be doing the usual: deciding on antennas, bands, radios, and etc. There’s a high likelihood that we’ll have a radio and antenna (or two!) on the air, just for fun. We’ll be grilling something (tradition says “bratwurst”); details on that to come.

If you’re at all curious about what we do for Field Day… if you’re interested in, or curious to learn about Amateur Radio… if you want to hear more about QRP (low-power) operation… if you’re interested in learning, or learning about CW operation (Morse code — yes, we really do that!), you should pay us a visit. Everyone’s welcome to attend any of our meetings, of course, but the picnic meeting in May is especially good if you want to see what we do and ask questions. Join us!

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