No SLQS Club Field Day for 2020

The St. Louis QRP Society will not be hosting a traditional Field Day exercise for 2020. I have been holding out hope that, perhaps, we could make it happen. We’ve been watching and taking cues from state and county regulations and health department guidance. And while we are extremely grateful for the City of Bridgeton for keeping the dialog open, in the end we have decided it’s not prudent to have the traditional club outing.

Like many clubs, we are making plans as individual club members to operate at home (1D), perhaps using emergency power (1E), or even setting up a 1B station — sort of “mini-Field Day” in the back yard. And we’ll aggregate our scores as “St. Louis QRP Society” members.

Anthony Luscre K8ZT has a really comprehensive slide deck titled Field Day in Social Distancing. If you’re got questions about this year’s Field Day, I bet the answer is there (or, in one of the many links contained within). I recommend you check it out.

Hey! How’s this for a silver lining? This is the year we each get to see our own call sign in the results in QST. That’ll be fun!

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