Meeting Info

Upcoming Meeting Details

The SLQS June meeting will be held Wednesday 21 June at 6:30 PM at the Spanish Village Park in Bridgeton, MO. This park is the location where our Field Day will be held and we’ll be making final plans for Field Day at the meeting. Bring a rig and antenna and do a little operating. You’re also welcome to grab a fast food and eat at the park prior to the meeting.

Directions to Spanish Village Park can be found at the following link: Spanish Village Park

General Meeting Information

The St. Louis QRP Society meets on the third Wednesday of each month at various locations that will be announced on this web site. Anyone with an interest in QRP, homebrewing or kit building, or just having fun with ham radio is welcome to join us.

Many of our warm-weather meetings are held at Spanish Village Park in Bridgeton, Missouri. Meetings during winter months have taken place at Spencer Road Branch Library. There are some special events planned on some months and exceptions to our normal meeting locations and times as listed below.

The May meeting is our Annual Picnic and Field Day Planning meeting which is held at Spanish Village Park.

The June meeting is our Final Field Day Planning meeting at Spanish Village Park.

The September meeting is our Annual Tailgate Swap, which is held at Creve Coeur Lake Park. A notice will be posted announcing location details.

The November meeting is our Annual Holiday Dinner Meeting, held at a local restaurant. The location changes from year to year, so please watch this page for location and time.

Questions about the club or about meeting location? Email for more information.