Meeting Info

2021 meetings will continue to be virtual on the 3rd Wednesday of the month via Zoom teleconference at 6:30 PM. An announcement will be sent out to membership when the decision is made to resume “in person” meetings.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, future meetings will take place using Zoom. Details will be provided in our (members-only) newsletter, so watch for information in The Peanut Whistle which will be published the weekend before the meeting.

If you have problems retrieving the newsletter, you can send an email to and request assistance with Zoom. Please provide your name and call sign in your email so we know who you are. Thanks for your understanding.


General Meeting Information

The St. Louis QRP Society meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Florissant Valley Community College at 7:30 PM in the Engineering Building on the first floor, in or near conference room E143. Anyone with an interest in QRP, homebrewing or kit building, or just having fun with ham radio is welcome to join us.

Have a look at the Google Maps view of the campus; the Engineering Building will be centered in your browser’s window… it’s shaped like an upside-down “T” just to the left of the large parking lot.

You can also review a campus map provided by the College. After clicking that link, you’ll see a photo of the entrance to the Engineering Building that we usually use. Click “X” in the upper right to see the map; Engineering is the southern-most building, labeled “E,” and nestled between parking lots P-14 and P-13.

There are some exceptions to our normal meeting location and time. The September meeting is our annual Tailgate Sale, which is held at Creve Coeur Lake Park. A notice will be posted announcing location details.

Our November meeting is our Annual Holiday Dinner Meeting, held at a local restaurant. The location changes from year to year, so please watch this page for location and time.

Questions about the club or about meeting location? Email for more information.