Heat… oh the heat…

Two things you can count on when Field Day rolls around: rain (usually) and heat (almost always).

This year is no different. We hit 96º degrees or so, and the humidity gave us a few degree boost, with the “Feels Like” temperature reaching 99º. Deprived of hitting triple digits. Grr. Felt like 100 — so there!

We have finished a delicious FD dinner: the traditional SLQS meal of pork steaks, cole slaw and potato salad. Big plus: KK9U’s XYL baked an awesome spread of desserts: cookies of several types. But my favorite: little Rice Krispie treats shaped and decorated to look like HTs. Awesome!

Okay. This is cute. A little HT (“walkie-talkie” in hamspeak) for dessert!
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